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Social Media

To increase active participation and share cool information and places in real time


To provide new models and applications for wireless communication technology and interacting directly with people, such as beacons, Near Field Communications (NFC), wereables

Storytelling Apps

To allow visitors to tell and share their story with friends and make culture in their own way, with their own perspective


“Culture and creativity are important drivers for personal development, social cohesion and economic growth. Today's strategy promoting intercultural understanding confirms culture's place at the heart of our policies”

José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President
Cultural heritage is an important asset of Europe which is largely underexplored. One of the main reasons is that the general public doesn’t really incorporate cultural activities in their life style. Currently, cultural heritage institutions attempt to attract, engage and retain visitors using a range of digital technologies from relatively cheap interactive websites to expensive on-site 3D visualizations. Despite the employment of these technologies the success of significantly increasing their visitor base has been limited.

TAG CLOUD ( Technologies lead to Adaptability & lifelong enGagement with culture throughout the CLOUD) is a European project co-funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission that will generate lifelong engagement with cultural heritage through social media, augmented reality and storytelling applications based on the cloud.
TAG CLOUD project main results are the COOLTURA Platform and App. The COOLTURA Platform is a technological infrastructure consisting of a suite of interoperable tools, services and methods for intelligent management, validation and analysis of digital cultural content in Cultural Heritage intuitions. The COOLTURA App, is a visually attractive mobile App with high usability standards. COOLTURA App allows Cultural Heritage institutions and organizations to offer an interactive way to enhance the visitors` understanding of the cultural world around them, as well as to increase engagement with visitors.
COOLTURA enables engagement
COOLTURA underpins visitors` engagement by offering a personalised and adaptive guidance in cultural experience based in the preferences and likes of visitors, storytelling and social media tools; this approach allows visitors to form and share their own heritage perspective, while heritage institutions can capitalize on new digital and interactive investments.
Why COOLTURA Services
Our work begins with an analysis and understanding of the particular characteristics of each organization, paying attention to the cultural content and the needs you have.
Our selling and consulting team will provide you with the strategic lines of each project to successfully obtain a fast return on investment, using mobile devices and COOLTURA tools for digital transformation and increase visitors engagement.
Use Cases
Cooltura currently available for free in three places: The Alhambra of Granada, the Barber Institute of Fine Arts of Birmingham, and the city of Trondheim in Norway.


Our Partners

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